Amazing Butterflies Exhibit at San Antonio Botanical Garden

This is the first in a series of posts about events at San Antonio Botanical Garden (SABOT). We LOVE the Garden! Its a wonderful place to spend a few hours, just exploring and relaxing. They also have wonderful events and educational opportunities available throughout the year. We attended the opening weekend festivities for the Amazing Butterflies Exhibit this fall. This exhibit is currently touring, and had been scheduled to run at SABOT through January 2012. However, it has been extended through March 25th 2012, so there is still plenty of time to check it out! The butterfly exhibit is wonderful – it is an interactive maze for children (and adults!) to explore the lifecycle of butterflies. Kyri had a blast when we went, and she keeps asking to return.  Check out the interactives that make up the amazing butterfly exhibit! Another wonderful part of the exhibit is the curricula material that is available (aimed for grades 1 – 5) through SABOT. You can make the trip to the exhibit part of an in-depth unit study on butterflies!



Climb-in pupa pods


 Spider Web Climb


Monarch migration monorail


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