Kyriandra’s Big Day

When Kyriandra was first born we chose a unique name (my husband came up with her name) and as new parents, we were (and still are!) just completely in love with her. So of course, we did what many new parents do after the birth of a child – we registered her domain name. Yes, that’s right. We have owned since shortly after she was born. Until recently, however, we did not know exactly what we wanted to do with it.

Homeschooling takes up a large part of my attention and time, and it seems lately my posts reflect this. I enjoy writing about homeschooling topics, and specifically about what Kyri is doing in her daily schooling – topics we might be covering, field trips we might take. However, I would also like to focus on vegan and sustainability topics more, so I finally decided to put her domain to good use. For general homeschooling topics and curriculum discussions, I will still be writing here. But I am also using Kyriandra’s Big Day as a weblog addition to our homeschool portfolio. For more specific posts, such as topics we are studying or places we have gone, I will briefly post here and then I will link to Kyri’s page to go into more detail. These posts at Kyriandra’s Big Day will be more picture and detail heavy, to serve as our portfolio log. Another fun feature I am working on is Kyri’s Portal. She goes to several online sites, so I have a dedicated page with links she can use for her educational sites and game sites. I am really excited about this additional project, and hope you will check out the new site.

2 thoughts on “Kyriandra’s Big Day

  1. Hey, it’s Joan from the Our School at Home blog – just wanted to thank you for your kind words on our sensory tub for non-toddlers. You’re right – it’s a total mood-changer in our house too!!! The chopsticks idea is a great one and I can’t wait to try it. Just wanted to tell you I LOVE your daughter’s unique name. It’s beautiful. I also saw that you guys love books – if you ever have any posts about what you’re reading that you’d like to share, I’m trying to start a “family reading roundup” linkup each week (this week’s is at and I’d love to have you share!


    • thanks for the comment! My husband takes full credit for her name – he has a few more in reserve if we decide to expand our family. I saw your reading roundup when I read your post last night (early this morning?) and thought what a great idea! I will definitely stop over and share some of what we have been reading.


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