More Butterflies!

This week we finished up the Butterfly lesson we started several weeks ago when we all got our caterpillars in the mail. Most of the lesson happened at home, as we watched our caterpillars grow larger, form their crysalis and eventually emerge as butterflies. The kids loved watching them in our habitat. It was so … Continue reading More Butterflies!


As part of our Science curriculum, we have an ongoing project this Spring observing the lifecycle of the Painted Lady butterfly. We bought a butterfly habitat redeemed the enclosed certificate through Insect Lore. Within a few days we had five caterpillars shipped to us. Our caterpillars (the butterfly larval stage) were only approximately 1.5 cm … Continue reading Butterflies!

Amazing Butterflies Exhibit at San Antonio Botanical Garden

This is the first in a series of posts about events at San Antonio Botanical Garden (SABOT). We LOVE the Garden! Its a wonderful place to spend a few hours, just exploring and relaxing. They also have wonderful events and educational opportunities available throughout the year. We attended the opening weekend festivities for the Amazing … Continue reading Amazing Butterflies Exhibit at San Antonio Botanical Garden